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Car keys may not always work like a charm as you expect them to. Just like any device, a car key gets worn out after awhile and may break inside the lock. Also, most people inadvertently lose their car keys or misplace them somewhere in the house. Unfortunately, these scenarios lead to people getting grounded since they cannot operate their vehicle any longer. Canton Locksmith Service is a professional locksmith firm that offers affordable key making  services to automotive clients in Canton, MA. Our auto locksmiths are specialist key makers who can duplicate any type of car key, be it mechanical or transponder.

Always choose a professional 

If your car keys are not working properly and often get stuck inside the lock, it's a sign you must get them repaired or replaced immediately. Many people get new ones made at local hardware stores in order to save money but suffer the long-term consequences of their decision. Local hardware stores do not have the precise tools to cut keys to perfection. The ones they make are built from poor quality material and have slippery edges.

Our keys are built to last

Our locksmiths make precision-engineered car keys that are always double-checked for quality. The keys we cast are made from good quality material, properly calibrated, and built to last.

We have mastered the craft of key making  with over 10 years of dedicated service in and around Canton. Today, our locksmiths can make all types of modern keys, some of which include:

  • Canton Locksmith Service Canton, MA 781-203-8063Transponder keys
  • High-security vehicle keys
  • Internal or laser cut
  • Switchblade types
  • Master keys

And more

We deliver during emergencies

Imagine getting stranded in a remote location due to a broken car key? What if you are running late for a crucial meeting and cannot locate your keys in the house? Situations like these require fast locksmith action and we offer just that. Our mobile locksmith operation spans the length and breadth of Canton, MA and enables us to quickly reach any location to get you out of trouble. Our locksmiths offer onsite key making service  and can cut a new spare right before your eyes. Plus, we monitor our helpline round-the-clock, so never hesitate to call us even if it is during the middle of the night!

Need a new car key? Avail key making  services from the best locksmiths in town. Call us now on 781-203-8063